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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Living Innovations Care Management been in business?

We have been in business since 2017, but have been helping seniors and their families for years! We recognized that there was a huge need for these services as more and more friends, family, and acquaintances were coming to us for guidance and Living Innovations Care Management was born!

Are your Care Managers certified? If yes, what are their credentials?

Yes. All our Care Managers are certified by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM) and are Certified Dementia Practitioners®. Some of our Care Managers also carry an Executive Certificate for Home Modification from the University of Southern California, and some are also Alzheimer's Association Certified Habilitation Therapy Specialists.

Can you provide references from families you’ve worked with recently?

Yes, we are happy to provide references upon request.

What kind of supervision do you provide for your Care Managers?

We work as a team and we hold peer supervision meetings regularly to discuss our cases, problem-solve challenges, and brainstorm ideas that might help our clients. We believe that sometimes, fresh eyes and ears bring new light to a situation!

What are your fees and billing structure? Can I get pricing in writing before we start to work together?

With the exception of our flat-rate packages, we charge an hourly rate for our services. Before we begin working together, you will have a signed contract that details the services we’ll provide and their associated rates. Later, we'll provide detailed invoices so you always know how our time is spent. We work to be as transparent as possible, setting clear expectations so there are no surprises!

Are you knowledgeable about dementia and associated care needs?

Yes. All of our Care Managers have more than 20 years of experience with geriatric clientele and 10 years of experience specifically with the Dementia population. All of our Care Managers are Certified Dementia Practitioners® and some are also Alzheimer's Association Certified Habilitation Therapy Specialists.

Are you available 24-hour a day, 365 days a year?

Our regular business hours are 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. However, we are available by phone 24/7 for assistance during emergencies. Please note that, like most service providers, our rates are slightly higher for work performed outside of regular business hours.

How do you communicate with family members and caregivers?

We’re flexible and can use any combination of tools to communicate with family members and caregivers—including phone calls, text messages, Zoom calls, email messages, and our CareTree web portal.

How can I get in touch with you in an emergency?

We are available by phone for assistance during emergencies. Simply call your assigned Care Manager or (978) 337-7154. We can be the liaison between the medical team and the family to communicate past medical history, health or safety concerns, etc. We’re available to help family members assess choices and make clear decisions during what is likely a very stressful and emotional time.

Do I have to commit to a minimum number of billable hours?

No, we’ll provide the assistance you need with no minimum commitment. We’re here to provide whatever you need—from small projects like investigating an issue and reporting back with the details needed to make an informed decision, to a complete plan of care. It’s all up to you!

I’m concerned about privacy. How do you keep our information safe and secure?

Your privacy is important to us. We use the CareTree web portal as a safe and secure way to communicate with family members and document our services. An account on the CareTree portal is included with our services. When you log into the CareTree site, you will be able to see detailed reports of our interactions, communicate securely, and monitor our service at all times.

My siblings and I don’t agree on how to care for our aging parent(s). Can you help mediate?

We understand taking care of a family member can bring up a lot of emotions. We are happy to evaluate your loved one and then have a family meeting to discuss the results. When a third person can provide an objective view and make recommendations, it often helps to bring clarity to the situation. We often have many ideas for solutions that may be more acceptable to all parties.

What is your service area?

Our work with families and caregivers—and some care management tasks—can be performed virtually anywhere in the United States. For in-person client care, we work in the area surrounding our Bedford, Massachusetts headquarters, including, but not limited to: Acton, Andover Arlington, Belmont, Billerica, Boston, Burlington, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Groton, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, Stoneham, Sudbury, Tewskbury, Waltham, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Wilmington, Winchester, and Woburn. Please contact us for more details about our service area as it pertains to your specific needs.