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We help our clients stay as independent as possible and live at their maximum potential.

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Supportive, Resourceful Care Management


With services ranging from coordinating medical appointments to finding a new place to live, we are here to provide as much support as you need.

Health and Medical Advocacy

  • Coordinate and accompany clients to medical appointments

  • Review treatment plans with families and caregivers to ensure follow-through

  • Provide referrals to healthcare specialists

  • Act as a liaison between medical professionals

  • Make regular client visits to assess status and address issues

  • Perform Dementia evaluations and provide management guidance

  • Provide coordination and advocacy during hospital and rehab discharge planning

Home Care Supervision

  • Help determine appropriate home care services

  • Educate caregivers to ensure that care plan is executed

  • Supervise and oversee daily routine

  • Provide referrals to healthcare specialists and service providers

Crisis Prevention

  • Conduct home safety assessment

  • Provide fall prevention and safety education

  • Recommend technologies to increase safety and security

Emergency Response

  • Design emergency plans

  • Help clients navigate through emergency departments, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation stays

  • Ensure that adequate emergency care is available to the client


  • Provide referrals to elder law attorneys, estate planners, and Powers of Attorney

  • Provide objective assessments

  • Assist with end of life planning

Social & Quality of Life Activities

  • Coordinate community supports to provide enriching social opportunities

  • Arrange transportation to activities and appointments 

  • Support client’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs ​

Family Support

  • Help families adjust, cope and problem-solve around long-distance and in-home caregiving

  • Address care concerns, internal conflicts and differences of opinion about long-term care planning

Living Arrangements

  • Determine appropriate level of care 

  • Help families and clients evaluate and select appropriate level of housing or residential options

  • Assist with moving, downsizing and relocation​


  • Provide information on Federal and state entitlements and connect clients and families to local programs as appropriate

  • Consult with a client’s accountant or Power of Attorney.

  • Help clients and families with application processes

  • Help clients and families with insurance concerns, claims, and applications

  • Manage money; reviewing or overseeing bill paying

  • Consult with accountants and financial planners to meet client’s needs

  • Provide information on most cost-effective insurance plans